A free video course teaching you all you need to know to be effective at using the command line in your Junior Developer role.

What is this?

This course was created to help you, the Junior Developer get the essential skills on the Command Line to be able to work at a professional level.

The course will take you through the common, most useful commands and techniques that are required for new developers to get employed and get on in their new roles.

Who made this?

It was put together by James Bubb as part of the Junior Developer Central project.

James is a Full Stack Developer and Teacher from Birmingham, UK. He works as a full time web developer and has previously worked with apprentices up and down the country to help them realise their love of coding.

The course...

There are 11 lessons in the course.

We won't be rigidly going through each and every command in a dull and stale manner. The course will quickly introduce you to all the essential commands and techniques that you'll need to be effective in your Junior Developer role.

Throughout the course you'll learn how to navigate around the command line, perform common tasks that you would normally do on the desktop and connect to remote machines to run commands and transfer files. We'll finish off the course by introduce you to the powerful world of command line scripting.

Lesson #1

Absolute Basics
Command Line Absolute Basics

In our first command line tutorial, you’ll learn how to use command line commands to complete some of the most basic tasks needed on the command prompt.

Lesson #2

Common Commands
Common Command Line Commands

This lesson will introduce you to some of the more common commands available on the command prompt such as reading and searching for files.

Lesson #3

Managing Your History
Command Line History

In this lesson you’ll learn how to examine this history, search for a previously entered command and re-run a previous command.

Lesson #4

Installing Programs
Installing Programs On the command line

In this lesson we’ll look at installing additional commands and programs within your environment.

Lesson #5

SSH: Secure Shell Connections
Secure Shell SSH on the command line

In this lesson you’ll learn to use the ssh command to create a secure connection to remote machine in order to run commands remotely.

Lesson #6

Transferring Files To A Remote Computer
Transferring files on the command line

In this lesson you’ll learn how to use the SCP command to transfer files to a remote server from the command line.

Lesson #7

Going Password-less
SSH Keys on the command line

In this lesson you’ll learn how to generate an SSH Key so that you don’t need to keep typing your password into the command line every time you connect to a remote computer.

Lesson #8

Troubleshooting Networking Issues
Troubleshooting Networking Issues on the command line

In this lesson you’ll learn some command line commands that will help you diagnose problems when connecting to remote servers.

Lesson #9

Chaining Commands Together
Chaining together commands on the command line

In this lesson you’ll learn about piping commands or rather creating pipes between commands on the command line.

Lesson #10

Process Management
Process management on the command line

In this lesson you will learn the essential command line command to manage processes (programs and other services) on your computer.

Lesson #11

Introduction To Scripting
Introduction to bash scripting on the command line

In this lesson you will learn why you would want to write scripts on the command line and how you can get started creating your very own command prompt custom commands.

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If you've struggled with the command line before or you're completely new to it, this course will give you everything you need to know in order to learn the skills you need for life as a Junior Developer

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